Remote power generators

The micro power generation market is already growing very rapidly, driven by the ever-increasing demand for electricity in developing countries and at remote locations, where there is no reliable power distribution infrastructure.

Generators driven by micro gas turbines provide an innovative new solution which delivers significant performance advantages compared to the traditional diesel generators which are used almost universally.

In developing economies, where central power generation is failing to keep pace with the huge demand for electricity supply, micro power generators provide a more effective and more affordable solution. The accelerating trend towards local micro generation has been recognised by industry analysts, who are drawing parallels with the computing industry’s migration from mainframe to desktop.

One example of the factors driving this demand is the rapid adoption of mobile phone technology in rural communities. Micro generators provide the ideal means to deliver power to mobile phone transmitters where there is no reliable electricity supply.

In comparison to diesel generator sets, Bladon Jets micro power generators offer significant benefits in terms of performance, size and maintenance requirements.

With their high-efficiency, clean-burning combustion process, micro gas turbines operate with very low emissions, and are capable of running on a wide range of liquid and gaseous fuels, including green alternatives like CNG and biofuels.

Their compact footprint and low noise levels enable them to be installed almost anywhere, including in sensitive business or residential locations.

Bladon Jets micro gas turbines also offer very low maintenance costs, with a simple, modular design which is highly reliable and delivers an extremely long service life.

Bladon Jets Micro Power Generator Case Study