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8,000 Hour Service Intervals means fewer site visits

Bladon has launched a world’s first for diesel gensets. With service intervals of up to 8,000 hours and no oil or liquid coolant required, installing a Bladon MTG on site means up to 97% fewer site visits than a regular diesel genset that has an average 250 hour service interval. Only air and fuel filters need attention during minor services.

Multi-facet approach to lowering total cost of ownership

Unique features that only the Bladon MTG contributes to lowering total cost of ownership :

  • Fewer site visits with an industry first of 8,000 hours service intervals. Even then the only service items are air and fuel filters. No oil, no liquid coolant to replace and dispose of. Clean, green and simple. Just Lock it and leave it!
  • Superior efficiency especially at part load is very important due to the variance in load requirements across single and multiple tenant tower sites. The MTG’s microturbine runs at variable speeds and optimizes to the load required.
  • Longer Life – Because of its microturbine architecture the MTG has only one moving part giving it a higher reliability, robustness and longer life that cannot be easily achieved with a reciprocating engine that has multiple moving parts.
  • Multifuel support: the MTG can use diesel, cheaper kerosene or a mixture of both immediately lowering opex costs and drastically reducing fuel theft

Clean and efficient multi-fuel power

Bladon MTG’s operate with very low emissions and already comply with the strictest emissions standards including Euro Tier V. Bladon gensets run on a wide range of fuels, including green alternatives such as natural gas and biofuels as well as diesel and kerosene. Mixing diesel and kerosene together in the same fuel tank further reduces TCO through reduced fuel theft.

Low noise and vibration free

Bladon gensets low noise, vibration-free operation enable them to be installed almost anywhere indoor, outdoor and rooftop - including in sensitive business or residential locations.

Multi-mode operation

Use as primary power source, hybrid mode with batteries or renewable energy sources, or backup power to the grid.