2nd July 2012

Coventry, UK, July 2nd, 2012 – Bladon Jets today announced it had acquired a major stake in Brayton Energy Canada, a world leader in ultra-compact, high performance heat exchangers.

The investment will enable Bladon Jets to expand the range of its breakthrough micro gas turbine technology, which the company is preparing for volume production to satisfy key new power generation market.

“With its patented, ultra-compact heat exchangers, Brayton Energy Canada provides the perfect fit for our company,” said Paul Barrett, chairman and technical director, Bladon Jets.

“Its world-leading technology will enable Bladon Jets to develop smaller, more efficient micro gas turbines, which would not be possible using conventional designs.

“The unique expertise of the Brayton Energy Canada team, led by Antoine Corbeil, will be a major asset as we finalise our products for volume production,” he added.

Ultra-compact heat exchangers

Brayton Energy Canada specialises in the design and manufacture of ultra-compact heat exchangers, using a patented wire mesh technology which features advanced cold spray coating techniques.

The technology delivers enhanced heat transfer capability from a heat exchanger unit which is typically less than half the volume of the best alternative designs, making it ideal for applications where size and weight are critical.

These benefits make the technology perfectly suited to lower power micro gas turbines, which require high performance heat exchangers – known as recuperators – to deliver superior fuel efficiency.

The technology is also suited to a wide range of other potential markets such as motorsport, automotive, aerospace and industrial heat exchanger applications where high performance is required.

Brayton Energy Canada founder Antoine Corbeil said: “This new partnership with Bladon Jets is an exciting opportunity for our business, allowing us to concentrate on technology development for the micro gas turbine market, with the potential to expand into other applications in the future.”

Shared development

Bladon Jets and Brayton Energy Canada will work in partnership together to develop advanced recuperators for micro gas turbines used as power generators or as range extenders in hybrid electric vehicles.

The heat exchanger development will be carried out at the Brayton Energy site in Quebec, Canada, and the team will work closely with their Bladon Jets counterparts at the Coventry Engineering Centre in the UK.

Development work in Canada will continue to be led by Antoine Corbeil, a recognised world expert in the field of heat exchangers who has a number of filed patent applications, whose role will focus on product development activities.

“We searched worldwide for the best heat exchanger concepts, and this new partnership gives us access to class-leading, state-of-the-art technology which will play a vital role in our future development,” said Paul Barrett.

The transaction between Bladon Jets and Brayton Energy Canada became effective from July 2nd, 2012

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