Micro Turbine Range Extenders (MTRE)


Many of the attributes listed for the MTG make the Micro Turbine the ideal engine for an Electric Vehicle Range Extender. In particular, its small size and ability to operate without oil or water enable it to be much more easily integrated into an EV than a conventional petrol or diesel engine – freeing up valuable space for passengers and cargo.

In addition, its significantly lower weight increases overall vehicle efficiency. It is these attributes that led Jaguar Land Rover and Pininfarina, amongst others, to work with Bladon Jets when considering their next generation EV platforms.

Electric Vehicles offer the opportunity to cut down CO2, pollutant and noise emissions compared to conventional vehicles powered by internal combustion engines. However, finite battery capacity limits EV driving range (typically 50-200 miles), a problem overcome using Bladon's MTG technology to create a Range Extended EV.

Powering the Future