Distributed Power Generation

Ultra low maintenance means Low Total Cost of Ownership

Bladon Jets is a pioneer in the design, development and manufacture of micro gas turbine gensets – using small, light and clean-burning jet engines providing a new approach in distributed power generation.

Micro gas turbine gensets are positioned to take over from traditional gensets that use petrol and diesel reciprocating engines in a number of key applications, where their superior performance offers compelling advantages.

With its unique design expertise and manufacturing processes, Bladon Jets leads the way in bringing this breakthrough solution to volume production for key growth markets worldwide.


Key Benefits

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Jet Powered Electricity Generation

The Bladon 12kW microturbine genset (MTG) is a cost effective, clean alternative for telecom tower power applications. Bladon’s revolutionary patented microturbines, heat exchanger and air bearing technologies harness the power of a miniature jet engine to provide a compact and ultra-reliable alternative to the traditional diesel generator.

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Lower Cost of Ownership

With service intervals of upto 8,000 hours and no oil or liquid coolant required, the MTG needs fewer site visits. The MTG has just one moving part giving it jet engine like reliability and longer life. Other factors that contribute to overall lower total cost of ownership are; superior part load efficiency, ability to utilise blends of fuels that would otherwise damage a regular diesel genset, thus eliminating fuel theft, and no reusable parts.

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Clean and Efficient Multi-Fuel Power

Bladon MTG’s operate with very low emissions and are highly fuel-efficient. Bladon gensets run on a wide range of fuels, including green alternatives such as natural gas and biofuels as well as diesel and kerosene.

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Compact, Low Noise and Vibration Free

Bladon gensets compact footprint and low noise, vibration-free operation enable them to be installed almost anywhere indoor, outdoor and rooftop - including in sensitive business or residential locations.

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Multi-Mode Operation

Use as a primary power source, hybrid mode with batteries/renewable energy sources, or backup power for the grid