New Generation of Small, Light and Clean-Burning Power Units

Bladon Jets is pioneering the development of micro gas turbines – small, light and clean-burning jet engines which will provide a new generation of green and efficient power units.

Micro gas turbines are positioned to take over from traditional petrol and diesel reciprocating engines in a number of key applications, where their superior performance offers compelling advantages.

With its unique design expertise and manufacturing processes, Bladon Jets is leading the way in bringing this breakthrough solution to volume production for key growth markets worldwide.

Ultra Efficient, Low TCO

  • High Efficiency - Even at Part Load
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership than a Diesel Genset
  • Uses Existing Supply chain, Minimal Disruption
  • Multi Fuel / Wide Fuel Quality Tolerance - lower theft risk
  • No Oil or Water - lower theft risk
  • Minimal Maintenance - lower TCO

Clean and Green

  • Low Emissions
  • Low Noise, No Vibration - Ideal for Urban Applications
  • Indoor / Outdoor / Rooftop Installation
  • Remote Monitoring and Control

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