New Generation of Small, Light and Clean-Burning Power Units

Bladon Jets is pioneering the development of micro gas turbines – small, light and clean-burning jet engines which will provide a new generation of green and efficient power units.

Micro gas turbines are positioned to take over from traditional petrol and diesel reciprocating engines in a number of key applications, where their superior performance offers compelling advantages.

With its unique design expertise and manufacturing processes, Bladon Jets is leading the way in bringing this breakthrough solution to volume production for key growth markets worldwide.


The dramatic increase in the number of hybrid and all-electric vehicles under development has led to the search for the ideal range extender, a power unit which can charge the vehicle’s batteries on the move and overcome ‘range anxiety’.

The compact size and ultra-light weight of the Bladon Jets micro gas turbine make it the perfect on-board power source. Compared to the petrol or diesel piston engines which are used in current hybrid vehicles, the gas turbine also delivers cleaner combustion, much improved refinement, and requires no separate cooling or lubrication system.

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Power Generation

The micro power generation market is already growing very rapidly, driven by the ever-increasing demand for electricity in developing countries and at remote locations, where there is no reliable power distribution infrastructure.

Generators driven by micro gas turbines provide an innovative new solution which delivers significant performance advantages. Compared to a traditional diesel generator, the gas turbine alternative offers a more compact size, reduced emissions, multi-fuel capability and very low maintenance requirements.

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Powering the Future