Bladon Jets Micro Power Generator

micro gas turbine

Part of the range of Bladon Jets micro power generators currently under development, this design concept for a 15kVA (12kW) unit illustrates the compelling benefits of this new breed of generator.

Housed in a cabinet which is similar in size to a domestic fridge/freezer, the micro generator has a very small footprint. With whispering sound levels and a total absence of vibration when operating, it is suitable for installation in almost any urban or rural environment.

The equivalent diesel generator would take up roughly four times the volume, weigh ten times as much, and produce a significant amount of both noise and vibration.

The Bladon Jets micro generator is capable of running on a wide variety of common liquid or gaseous fuels, including more environmentally friendly options like CNG or biofuels – it can even be switched from one fuel to another, depending on what is available.

Its efficient, clean-burning continuous combustion system means that emissions are significantly lower than the equivalent diesel engine, and no catalytic converter or exhaust after-treatment is required.

With just one moving part, spinning on air bearings, the micro gas turbines are extremely reliable and require very little maintenance.